CadburyGifts Direct 5 months ago

Worked or Built Cadburygifts project along with its multi-store name Corporate.Handle Team work and there tasks complete all complexity ,all functionality of site and with team spirit make it live success fully,

Online Carpet 5 months ago

Working and built magento enterprise project with price calculator ,laminate calculator functionality for carpets.

Housing Units 5 months ago

Working and Built this magento Enterprise project create some custom modules in this project manage team and there work along with task complete project and make it live successfully.

Merida 5 months ago

Working and Built project in magento enterprise with feed functionality and using jquery in most page for effect to show customer balance

The client wanted a set of galleries - Before/After, Testimonials, Cabinet Gallery. I was responsible for creating the functionality in Magento admin to allow them to setup these 3 different kinds of galleries with the option of choosing a thumbnail image along with the ability to upload a set of images and assigning a sort order to each of the images uploaded. Another, very important feature of the galleries is the search engine optimized URLs.

Fashion Hauler 3 months ago

Fashion newsletters and content website featuring realtime distribution of fashion related newsletters and blog content.

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