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After Magento's SUPEE-6788 patch some functionality has been deprecated. Learn how to improve your extensions and make your code resilient to new updates.

Gracious May + Snugars + Bushka sell high-quality, hand-made apparel and accessories. SwiftOtter partnered with them to develop a beautiful web experience. Over the years, we have continued to optimize it. This includes checkout optimizations aimed at boosting mobile experience, integration of a custom-built blog integration and other enhancements. 2 years ago

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For online retailers, there are a wide choice of eCommerce platforms to choose from, with varying benefits and functionality. At the mid-level end of the market, the pot gets much smaller, with a relatively low number of platforms offering the levels of functionality, security and scalability that £1m – £20m turnover clients typically require. In this article, we take a look at two of the primary options in the mid-level eCommerce marketplace, Magento Enterprise Edition and Shopify Plus, to see how they compare against one another.

The Magento Core Helper formatDate method has 4 options that you can pass into it, these will change the output based on the default locale you have selected.


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