Bella Maria's 1 year ago

A new fashion accessories site with 8000 loaded products, (not all enabled) based on Magento 2. This site complements the popular brick retail store. I've implemented some synchronization with POS, using custom PHP/MySQL and have integrated 3d party extensions.

Camp Chef 11 months ago

Magento full build with Drupal CMS and blog integration. Integration allowed client to feature product links in recipes, videos and blog posts.

TestPilot is a full service design and development company which has been building prototypes and ready-to-market products for MasterCard and its clients (for example: Barclaycard, Citi, President’s Choice, UniCredit) in which I have the following tasks: ● identifying and cultivating strategic business partnership s in order to generate revenue and build sustainable business lines ● planning and meeting of the deadlines while identifying opportunities for the optimization of value proposition for existing partners through direct interactions ● translating broad goals into achievable steps by analyzing partner performance

Assisted in the workflow and development of a custom reporting module for an enterprise client. The reporting module collects the necessary data to help automate the quarter-end financials.

Midway Dental 11 months ago

OroCommerce Full build, Epicor P21 Integration, Custom design, CIM custom integration, B2B budget approval workflow, Custom reports, CRM for Sales Reps. Managed team in Poland, Boston, Michigan and California.

Saraiva launched its new site in time for Holiday 2014. 200,000+ Orders on Black Friday Weekend / 200,000+ ORDERS ON BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND / +24% Increase in Conversion Rate / +24% INCREASE IN CONVERSION RATE / +130% Jump in Mobile Traffic / +130% JUMP IN MOBILE TRAFFIC

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