Ryman Stationary 6 years ago

I was involved in the migration of Ryman's Magento EE upgrade from 1.13 to 1.14. Writing enhancement features (Ajax Cart, catalog pages) and well as reworking the theme and design.

  • Create new custom theme
  • Override blocks
  • Bug fixing in magento 2
  • Custom module creation
  • Updated checkout
  • Speed up
Battery Central 10 years ago

I was working on front and back end, customizing layouts, style sheets, developing CMS pages, configurable products dynamic selection,System notification applications,Configure Search functionalities on Search engine, version control system(SVN) used,Price calculators and price rules, update or create Magento plugins, Product Attributes, upgrade Magento to newer version, create sort functions on products such as price, color, Name fast and optimized that amazon bought the Batterycentral and is going to have a section specifically for Lenmar Batteryfinder, which was a great success for our Company.

AMA DE CASA 5 years ago


Desde 1955, Ama de Casa acompaña a la familia venezolana ofreciéndole la mejor calidad, variedad e innovación en lencería para el hogar.

Furniture Store 6 years ago

It is an ongoing project. We are migrating from Shoppify to Magento2 Platform. The project includes: redesign the theme, redesign the catalog, all products info, how the customers are going to be handled. Consume 3rd party services. So far...

Bundle product option Upgrade and Downgrade base on bundle option item- Add additional price in bundle product.

Kashone Stanced Magento 1.x Build 120 hours 5 years ago

I built this Magento website from the ground up including design, design integration, custom extension integrations, etc.. The company was a start up but they ended up dropping the e-commerce retail side. The website had the Fishpig Wordpress blog that i ended up designing a home page block to display the recent posts,

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