I passed the Magento Certified Solution Specialist exam!

Created a study guide for the developer certification

This class was a virtual class that involves covering the topics for Magento Certification

Topics include:

  1. Basics
  2. Request Flow
  3. Rendering
  4. Widgets
  5. ORM
  6. Database
  7. Setup Scripts
  8. EAV
  9. Adminhtml
  10. Catalog
  11. Price Rules
  12. API
  13. Checkout
  14. Order Fulfillment
  15. Shipping
  16. Payments
  17. Customers

During my study in Business IT & Management, I have created a +/- 4 month during minor in Magento. This minor was accredited by an examination committee regarding the standards for dutch higher education.

The self made course roughly contains everything someone working in the Magento development industry needs to know. This not only covers Magento's architecture in depth and detail, but also the basics of software development, project management, security and privacy / eCommerce related law.

The requirements to pass include building a custom theme and several modules together with launching a fully operational store. Furthermore at least 3 Magento certification exams must be passed. I've finished it myself. I will add a link to the full story soon.

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