Minimegaprint 4 years ago

Supported Minimegaprint for 2 years, with very difficult situation after I claimed the project, it was on magento 1.6 with edited core code, took over 6 months to upgrade to 1.9 which was latest at the time and from php 5.3 to php 7 which dramatically increased performance of the site. At the same time new theme was being worked on. I provided many services along the support and upgrade, such as building custom modules for whole process of the website from registration of a customer to checkout, and after the checkout. Minimegaprint being web to print solution is very complex and it required exceptional architectural and planing skills to pull out many processes to work automatically such as accepting file to be printed after order, generating XML transactional sheets that were synced with printing automation software. Other than low level customizations, all frontend custom code was prepared by me as well. Site contains over 20 custom modules I created, stretching from very simple ones such as homepage slider, featured products, custom menu, custom category sidebars, all the way to complex ones such as custom rules on registration and vat validation, customer group related filtering of shipment and payment methods, automatization of whole order status process, custom loggers to track the site stability and more...

Magento Chained Custom Option Template module let you create the chained/dependent option for each parent option. Basically, dependent custom options display the specific child options only if the defined parent option is selected.

For example - As a T-shirt seller, you can want to display t-shirt sizes SMALL and MEDIUM only for gender FEMALE while LARGE and X-LARGE for MALE. So, if the buyer selects the MALE as a gender parent option then LARGE and X-LARGE get displayed as size child options. And, if the buyer selects the FEMALE as a gender parent option then SMALL and MEDIUM get displayed as size child options

The store owner can easily configure the chained/dependent relation between custom options and define which custom option will act as parent or child custom options. This makes your product variations more presentable.

Fully 6 months ago

Fully: Magento 1 build, complex customized products, extensive swatch/user input options, high SKU count, Quickbooks/Webgility integration

Product: standing desks, chairs and things that keep your body moving so you can work and live more fully

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