Another Klarna integration done. Let us know if you need help with Klarna and Magento.

A multi-part series diving deep into the method Magento uses to calculate totals on an order

Development of module for Magento 2 framework. Customization of checkout to let customers redeem 3rd party giftcard codes. Functionality added into cart and checkout to check card balance against 3rd party API.

Magento2 Email Cart 1 year ago

Magento 2 Email Cart extension by MageComp provides your customers to Email their cart to admin. This reduces time to understand the requirements of customers as admin can see all the options and quantities and other options already selected in Email.

After getting requirements through cart, admin easily knows the requirement, craft products regardingly, discuss with customers. Now after negotiation, role of Email Cart Pro begins. Admin create order from backend with required custom option, custom price, coupon code and prepare quote. After all the products being added, admin can click "Email Cart" button from backend to send quote to customers in Email. Customers can click to directly checkout the added products and thus the whole cycle gets completed.

Add collect in store (a.k.a. click and collect) functionality to your Magento website.

This extension allows you to administer physical collection stores and let your customers specify where they would like to pick up their orders from.

Any number of stores may be added, each with their details such as opening hours and coordinates, automatically generated by the address, allowing the customer to make a choice of where is best to collect from.

The customer can search for their nearest store by location, or using their devices GPS, and be shown exactly where it is on Google maps, all integrated in to the Magento checkout steps.

Magento 2 checkout customization 20 hours 1 year ago

Create a couple of custom extensions to customize checkout on Magento 2 - 'Is Residential Address' checkbox to shipping address, For guest customers - add a field in checkout to allow them to enter a password for auto account creation. If not password is entered a password is auto-generated and sent in an email post checkout.

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