WakeMAKERS 2 years ago

WakeMAKERS is an American, Oregon based, company which offers a wide variety of wakeboard gear and boat accessories. They supply, design and build the highest quality wakeboard ballast solutions from the best companies in the industry.

Ongoing maintenance of Magento EE platform and development of new features as custom wholesale website, boat configurations settings that filters the categories etc.

As a firearm dealer, Palmetto State Armory must often direct its customers' shipments to dealers with Federal Firearm Licenses rather than directly shipping to consumers. I was the chief architect and primary developer on an FFL system for Palmetto's Magento 2 site - a system which allowed for the tracking of FFL dealers' statuses, complex and dynamic rules for defining FFL-restricted products according to their categorization and a customer's locale, and an intuitive checkout interface where customers can easily find and ship to FFL dealers near them.

Juneflowers(Magento2) 2 years ago

largest retailer of fresh flowers, foliages & ornamental plants in the Middle East growing to evolve in Middle East

Santaferanch is well known online seller of bedding and furniture items in Australia and USA

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