Bondi Sands 5 years ago

We moved Bondi Sands website to a new hosting infrastructure, which supports the company’s ambitious growth plans. A cloud hosting solution at Amazon Web Services, architected provides greater reliability, redundancy and scalability for less cost than the incumbent hosting provider. Bondi Sands website is now primed for unexpected peak load thanks to auto-scaling mechanism employed.

A powerful Magento 2 Enterprise build on the new Magento Enteprise cloud. The project was delievered by, My personal contribution was setting up the cloud infrasturcture and consulting with the developers to deliver the project and assist in problem solving.

Full-stack Developer 4 years ago

• Owner of,, • Freelance Development & Consultant, clients include, • CMS, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, API integration, Cloud Server, Cross platform compatibility, Custom script, System migration • Module / Extension Developer for Invision Power Board, Simple Machines Forum, Magento 2

How to manage and make the deployment of Magento application on a distributed system into its components: calculation, caching, database. During this talk we have seen how to leverage the deployment of an e-commerce on Amazon Web Services using the Elastic Beanstalk service and then move the entire structure in Continuous Deployment and we have seen how to manage the deploying process and rolls back the application to return to a previous state.

Kids Shoes Leader in Spain.

• Presence in 5 countries (ES, PT, FR, UK & IT). • Magento Development. (multi-store, multi-language, multi- currency). • Custom Integrations (+300 custom developments) • Hosting in the Private Cloud of ECOMMBITS + Performance

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