A US-based retailer of home goods reached out looking for a way to improve their staging and deployment workflow. Their code was hosted in Bitbucket and they were excited about what Bitbucket pipelines could do for their processes. I built out a custom pipeline process to build and push code automatically to staging when code is merged to master, and added additional controls to then push the code live when they were satisfied with their testing on the staging server. Having an automated sandbox environment to test and experiment in has proved to be very beneficial for their business.

Migrated from Magento EE 1.14 to Magento CE 2.2. Used Magento's data migration tool to accomplish migration. Integrated site with company's ERP system. Assisted in planning and developing an automated site deployment process to compile and deploy Magento 2 to 3 nginx servers sitting behind a load balancer. Deployments involved minimal downtime (about 8 minutes).

Developed bamboo install scripts to build and deploy code via composer and run cloud based sillenium tests against pre production environments.

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