Give every product it’s own identity by adding Magento 2 Simple configurable products extension which will identify every simple configurable product uniquely on the basis of name, color, SKU,and URL. It is both attractive and informative at the same time.

Full path categories product breadcrumb for Magento 2 was created to include breadcrumbs with product categories in product view page, when product is acccesed from product url.

You can also define the "bad categories" you do not want to display in product breadcrumbs.

Leading provider of full figured woman under garments needed a site. Ethode stepped up and created a beautiful product with ERP integration and complex ordering needs.

Boca specialises in luxury botanical toothpastes which are infused with all-natural ingredients to give them distinctive and unique flavours. New custom configurator for products was implemented. Other important backend features were developed.

Specializing in ski and snowboard equipment and clothing, along with top of the line boot fitting and world class equipment tuning. During the summer months our focus shifts to competitive swim, skateboards, sandals and beachwear.

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