Company website and online shop with a lot of content-pages and -elements and dealer locator function.

Magento 2 Careers 5 years ago

The careers module allows the admin user to effectively list and manage career postings on the frontend of their Magento 2 website. This will allow users to apply for jobs directly through your website, sending you an application email each time.

Absolute TinyUrl 5 years ago

With the Absolute TinyUrl extension you can market your content with customer friendly URLs.

By installing this extension on your Magento2 website you can take complete control over how you market the web addresses of your content. For any page in your website you can create a completely custom, SEO friendly, alternate web address to redirect your customers to the same content.

With this extension your Magento web addresses can still be long and descriptive to capitalise on search engine terms, but with the benefit of a much shorter and memorable version for your customers and marketing materials.

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