BlueFoot CMS 2 months ago

BlueFoot is a powerful set of tools to help you create and manage content on your Magento store, everything from product descriptions through to blogs.

CREE LED Lighting 1 week ago

Cree, a global market leader in innovative LED lighting, designs and manufactures commercial and residential LED solutions across a variety of indoor and outdoor

Magento CMS 2 months ago

A small module i've always wanted to build so got my head into it recently. Utilising the standard Magento CMS pages data structure plus a little extra to create an easy to use, drag and drop UX for creating service/information pages. Once stable on M1, if its liked I will rebuild in M2.


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Need help with a Shopify to Magento 2 migration - variety of things from frontend to backend to tweaks of 3rd party extensions.
Magento 2
Frontend Development
Content Management System (CMS)

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