BlueFoot CMS 1 year ago

BlueFoot is a powerful set of tools to help you create and manage content on your Magento store, everything from product descriptions through to blogs.

Created an extension that tracks product interactions by customers and assigns an interest score to each category. This can then be used to customise the site and show different static block content dependent on their interests.

CREE LED Lighting 11 months ago

Cree, a global market leader in innovative LED lighting, designs and manufactures commercial and residential LED solutions across a variety of indoor and outdoor

Frontend Content Editor is a Magento module that attempts to make it a little bit easier for site admins to manage content, such as CMS blocks, CMS Pages, Product pages, and more. (screencast)

This is a talk I gave at Mage Titans Italy in June 2017 on the BlueFoot CMS system for Magento 2.

It dives into the structural makeup of BlueFoot 'Page Builder Blocks' (content blocks) and provides an overview of how to add a new content block by running through building an example 'list builder' block.

Following this further customisation ideas and a look at what the future holds for BlueFoot are discussed.

Magento CMS 1 year ago

A small module i've always wanted to build so got my head into it recently. Utilising the standard Magento CMS pages data structure plus a little extra to create an easy to use, drag and drop UX for creating service/information pages. Once stable on M1, if its liked I will rebuild in M2.

Chuao Chocolatier 1 month ago

For this friendly client, we added a wholesale user portal to his website. In addition, we customized the store location extension, CMS pages and fixed several bugs.

EasyTemplate 9 months ago

EasyTemplate is a enhancement for Magento CMS Pages which cut ups all elements of your cms-pages in single bricks. Each brick could have several input-elements. Each brick could placed any number of times and in a any sortation - without any html skills!


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