Rescued site from inadequate hosting an support, performed core audit and repairs, installed security patches, migrated to new hosting environment and adapted Magento 1.9 RWD theme for custom implementation.

Luxury Lane 7 years ago

Worked on improving ElasticSearch, debugging and fixing custom caching issues as well as improving site performance via code profiling and identifying code bottlenecks on category product pages. Identified performance issues were due to Blue Acorn analytics extensions and other 3rd party modules.

Magento Core Team member 5000 hours 6 years ago

Core member for some periods of time (most of the time as FED for Magento Inc. from 2010 till 2013) After that as core contributor.

Invel Global 72 hours 6 years ago

Emergency project. Former employee compromised core files, frontend was not appealing, over budget, over deadline. Tidied up production. Created test subdomain with fresh install. Total overhaul in 6 days. They are still adding to what I released so this is not my release, completely...issues are there that were not in my release*

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