In 2014 Vendic released the first version of Kabooo. The shop was ready for a more premium shopping experience, this resulted in creating a complete new corporate identity. The new looks connect the dots with the Kabooo branding; Home of Luxury Hairstyling.

Space Monkey from Outer Space abducted inducted AGNC to help create an urban lifestyle brand and identity: Designed 2 seasons of clothing Produced an 8-track EP Managed apparel production & social media Developed Wordpress x Shopify site

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves, we are AGNC - a digital strategy branding studio based in Los Angeles. Our logo is inspired by a simple object, the box. We chose the box, because in the physical world, that's how most products are packaged. The box represents the brand on the front lines and helps it stand out on the shelf. Our new symbol, the "un-boxing" is a symbol of engagement, the true goal of every product/service fighting for attention in the marketplace. The best brands handle not only packaging, but every customer touch-point with the utmost care. Our mission is to build customer loyalty and engagement for our partners.

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