• create a complete theme for magento
  • create new widget for new reviews not exit by default in magento
  • customers counts in site header
  • create new popular reviews widget not exit by default in magento
  • filter reviews depend on age , skin , hair and rating
  • edit Magento default registration way by adding more inputs
  • create customer profile contain his/her reviews and info
  • add ability to like reviews and see your likes in your dashboard
  • change magento default review form to meet our needs
  • listing of customer reviews
  • listing of popular products depend on reviews
  • listing of new reviews
The Body Shop Italia 5 years ago

● Restyling eCommerce Responsive (UI/UX) Magento ● Ottimizzazione Motori di Ricerca (SEO) ● Estensioni Magento ● Google Shopping

Collistar 6 years ago

Project developed with team.

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