The project,, includes the responsive design, more then 20 custom extensions, mobile detect system, mobile and desktop cache and fpc, erp integration, crm integration with vtiger and a tone of custom features. It is a multi store system and includes and 4 more stores with different design.

3d innovation one of the leading eCommerce store to provide a personalized 3D crystals. Customized shopping cart behavior using fabric js and tools. User can upload picture and personalize it. Based on their preference 3D Crystal can be ready. Zoho CRM is integrated to manage a sales

I've integrated Cart2Quote with Capsule CRM. Converting the Quote to a Capsule Opportunity. The integration is done with Capsule REST API.

MondoConvenienza 6 years ago

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Website for italian company Mondo Convenienza in the furniture world. Full website development with CRM / PIM interface and full custom ReactJS checkout procedure.

NunaLie 6 years ago

Website for italian clothing company NunaLie. Full Magento 2 development with PIM and CRM intergration.

The E-commerce setup has allowed businesses to reach more customers and hence increase the revenue. The business having an offline as well as the online presence requires to connect it and manage the data for better synchronization and customer relation management, i.e., CRM. SugarCRM is the best option to improve the online presence and boost the revenue for Magento 2 stores! Magesales has developed Magento 2 SugarCRM Integration extension that allows integrating Magento 2 store with SugarCRM.

The Magento 2 SugarCRM Integration extension connects your retail offline store with E-commerce Magento 2 store and optimizes the business process. Save the time and efforts that you put in data entry and it's synchronization from E-commerce reports to CRM system. The module allows to focus your efforts on more useful aspects of business such as Customer and sales analysis!

The SugarCRM Integration with Magento 2 helps you in managing the records neatly, improve the efficiency and hence productivity od your store and increase sales and win customers' trust and satisfaction! The module helps you in increasing the repetitive orders, analyze the site traffic, gather customer feedbacks and provide good support.

Features of Magento 2 SugarCRM Integration Extension:

  • Improve Sales
  • Save the money you spend on the labor and operations
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Fill the gap between sales and customer service process.
  • Improve the customer relationship system
  • Deliver great experience each time on repeat orders.
  • Accessible all time, everywhere.
  • Synchronize and update Customers
  • Synchronize and update Products
  • Synchronize and update Orders
  • Synchronize and update Invoices
  • An easy user interface.
  • Multistore & Multi-Language Supported
  • 100% Open Source Coding
  • Free Lifetime Support & Free Lifetime Extension Upgrades

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