Troverie 1 year ago

Troverie is targeting one of the few remaining merchandise categories that have yet to be effectively served online — luxury watches. We have gained the support of leading jewelers and luxury watch brands to establish an innovative e-commerce, omni-channel platform serving the luxury watch consumer of today.

Migrated this store from osCommerce to Magento 2.2 with some customizations

Marketplace written in Magento with custom PSD2 compliant checkout flow.

Sticker Collective 2 years ago

Created, modified and installed many magento 2 extensions (Delivery time, IWD onepagecheckout, Magiccart, Magicmenu, Square payment, etc). Fixed bugs related to magento 2 theme and functions (checkout, mega menu, image slider/carousel, etc). Setup the nginx server, mysql database and SSL certificate (letsencrypt). Put the mockup to the Magento 2 theme.

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