Pleasant Hill Grain 6 years ago

Pleasant Hill Grain is an extremely customized Magento build. The website originated as a hand-built, manually-updated site built on While it served the purpose, Pleasant Hill Grain was quickly outgrowing the limitations inherent with this type of solution.

SwiftOtter worked with Pleasant Hill Grain to create over 50 modules to customize how the website would interact with their business processes. This has meant tremendous streamlining in every day processes, from the automation of backorder notifications, inventory management, review automation and many other things.

That's not to mention that the site is lightning fast on the frontend. The custom-built theme is fully responsive, built on the latest technologies.

We have helped them improve their conversion rate throughout the entire website. The goal is to find areas of friction in the buying process and then to solve those.

Custom Carrier Invoice Reports 20 hours 6 years ago

This customization allows the client to import CSV formatted invoices from Fedex and Usps Carriers, relating them to orders in the system and a offering comparison view on what the the shipment cost vs. what the customer ended up paying.

Magento Market Place 7 years ago

We teamed up with Magento to launch their Market Place. Wagento supplied 3-4 full time certified developers to launch their new connect store

Exchange A Blade came to us because they needed a team to manage their PPC account. Their business goals were to increase awareness of their service, get more customers signed up to their newsletter, promote local dealers and help customers find vendors.

We identified who their customers were, the keywords they used and the web resources they spent their time on. Goal completions have steadily increased from Feb 2017 to Sept 2017 by 116%. The cost per lead has dropped by 54%.

Frame Destination 5 years ago

Frame Destination is a complex Magento 1.9 build that implements angular to drive the custom framing options.

Scottish Rite 5 years ago

Magento 2.0 full build focused on ease of use and checkout

B2B - 5 years ago

We build a B2B multi-store, we added many features for the model business of this client, the site is closed for registered users, has different prices, categories and products for each store and kind of customer. It has been installed one extension to manage customer sub accounts and we customized it, we made a new extension to manage budgets, each customer and sub account can be engaged to many budgets and if there are no budget available the customer can't complete the order. We develop reports in the dashboard of the master account (not admin), these reports are related with all order of their sub accounts and budgets.

Shop247 6 years ago owns many famous brands sports equipment.

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