Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates extension lets you configure custom shipping methods and create a flexible system of table rates of your store.

Customers will be facilitated with a number of shipping options at your stores. The customer will select the best-suited option for easy and fast delivery, and the store will be benefitted. However, to manage to calculate accurate shipping price based on shipping address, product type, price, etc. can be tough without Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates extension. The extension calculates it through CSV file and thus helps to build a flexible table rate system for your store.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates Extension:

• Create n number of shipping methods to fulfill any particular requirements . • Define table rates in bulk through uploading CSV having Shipping Rates.

• Display estimated delivery dates. Mention a delivery interval for every shipping method on the cart page to let customers know how much time the shipping takes before they place the order.

• Use different types of table rates, i.e., either percent or flat rates.

• It allows setting different shipping types for individual products or product groups. For example, you can charge highly for products which are hazardous or stored remotely.

• Set rates based on shipping attributes like destination, price, weight, quantity or their combination too.

• Not only sum up rates but also assign minimum or maximum shipping rates to entire orders with multiple items.

• Exclude virtual product types from shipping rates calculations.

Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Payment & Shipping by Customer Group helps customize your shipping and payment methods based on customer groups.

You may want to provide different shipping methods as well as payment modes to your customers based on their types such as premium members, VIP customers, guests users, etc. This extension lets you show or hide specific shipping and payment methods for selected customer groups

Save yourself from the embarrassment where you have to deny a special shipping or payment facility to your customer after the order is placed with Magento 2 Payment & Shipping By Customer Group.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Payment & Shipping by Customer Group Extension:

• Create customer groups according to their types as you want. Assign the shipping and payment methods to those group which will be available to them.

• The customers can see those shipping and payment methods assigned to their groups only.

• Getting better shipping and payment options will encourage customers to perform conversions like registration or getting premium memberships, etc.

Now add up to 10 Flat Rates Shipping!

Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping by Meetanshi allows Store Owner to add up to 10 flat rates based on various Shipping Prices and Conditions.

Create custom shipping methods and handle your shipping charges according to the various conditions.

You may want to charge your shipping facilities based on the type of product, delivery location, number of items ordered, etc. This may vary from customer to customer. So to handle such a situation, this extension is helpful.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Extension:

• Add up to 10 flat rate shipping.

• For example, the store can charge shipping based on shipping method or product type or fixed shipping price or in percentage manner.

• Enable or disable settings for individual flat rates.

• Specify minimum and maximum subtotal to show Flat Rates.

• Allows setting individual flat rates for selected countries.

• Admin is free to configure error message for each flat rate shipping methods.

• Configuration is available to show shipping methods to admin only.

Separate flat shipping rate for each product!

Finding difficulty in different flat shipping rates for each product? We have come with Magento 2 extension to solve your problem with shipping rates. The extension provides you the facility to charge individual flat rate shipping for each product. Moreover, it allows you to set default rate to charge when individual shipping per product is not specified.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Shipping per Product Extension:

  1. Set individual flat rate shipping charges for each store product. The shipping expense incurred to the store may vary from item to item. The extension will be useful to handle this situation.

  2. Option to specify default shipping rate to apply when individual products are not assigned individual shipping charge. To apply the general minimal charge of shipping for regular products you don’t need to specify it exclusively. Just set them to default using the default option of the extension.

  3. Option to set custom title and shipping method name for display of this shipping method in the frontend. Use this extension feature to let your customers take the facilities about the different shipping method for which they are charged. For example shipping per product.

  4. Select allowed countries to enable shipping per product. Simple as the heading states, only allow shipping per product for the countries you want.

  5. Set default error message for the unavailability of this shipping method to users. If you are unable to provide shipping per product to users and you don’t want to be rude in denying it, just set a polite error message using this feature of Shipping per Product extension.

So don’t rely on shipping calculators for your shipping charges and try this Magento 2 extension now!

Magento 2 Shipping Rules lets admin create flexible shipping rules based on the product attributes and shipping cart attributes.

Default Magento does not allow to configure flexible shipping rules. E-commerce business demands to configure shipping rules based on attributes of the products, cart, delivery, etc. So, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension to let the Magento 2 store admin implement custom shipping rules.

Create an unlimited number of shipping rules with Magento 2 Shipping Rules. Offer flexible shipping options, adjust shipping options per product, offer discounts, and much more!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension:

  • Allows custom shipping rules based on product & shipping address conditions and cart attributes.
  • Support for an unlimited number of shipping rules.
  • Option to set rule name to easily recognize it.
  • Option to select shipping carriers and add carrier shipping method names to apply the rules on.
  • Create shipping rules based on store views and customer groups.
  • Prioritize the rules and apply them if a product fits multiple shipping rules.
  • Create custom shipping rates per product or per order.
  • Select any of the three calculation methods, i.e., replace, surcharge or discount.
  • Set and charge shipping rate per order item or per product.
  • Set handling shipping rate in percentage.
  • Define rules using product conditions and condition combinations.
Grow Organic 4 years ago

Due to the seasonal nature of the business, custom shipping rules we're very complex and tied into every product on the site. The checkout was highly customized to allow logic for pre-orders and split checkout based on what type of products the customer contained in their cart. The custom shipping rules where very granular based on days and weeks of the year since certain products only grew during specific time of the year.

The project included both front-end and back-end development improvements, bug fixes and close collaboration with the client to ensure each requirement was fulfilled precisely.

Mood rooms 1 year ago

Mood rooms is a German B2B brand agency specializes in the distribution of internationally renowned brands in the kitchen, tableware, lifestyle products. It's been developed on Magento 1 Community Edition with custom design and integrations (payment and shipping methods).

Keh Camera 3 years ago

KEH Camera is a provider of high quality, previously used camera and photographic equipment. Been working on most of this site for 2 years , active in most of the features build.

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