Built a highly customizable grouped product grid layout that allows for filtering, pricing tiers, grouping rows with the same value, units of measure, sorting, adding to cart, responsive layout, prioritized column hiding (based on screen width and importance of the column), customer group pricing, etc.

Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Payment & Shipping by Customer Group helps customize your shipping and payment methods based on customer groups.

You may want to provide different shipping methods as well as payment modes to your customers based on their types such as premium members, VIP customers, guests users, etc. This extension lets you show or hide specific shipping and payment methods for selected customer groups

Save yourself from the embarrassment where you have to deny a special shipping or payment facility to your customer after the order is placed with Magento 2 Payment & Shipping By Customer Group.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Payment & Shipping by Customer Group Extension:

• Create customer groups according to their types as you want. Assign the shipping and payment methods to those group which will be available to them.

• The customers can see those shipping and payment methods assigned to their groups only.

• Getting better shipping and payment options will encourage customers to perform conversions like registration or getting premium memberships, etc.

Open cart Restrict Customer Groups extension used to hide your sensitive data. Multiple rules you can define for customer and products group. Set priorities for new and old customers in the form of different rules. If you want to hide your eCommerce store data from new visitors. Extensions offer open cart customer group’s restriction extension helps you to block any CMS pages for user groups like about us, contact us, manufacturer pages, etc. Open Cart Customer Groups Restrictions Extension is compatible with all website themes. Restriction on products and customer groups set for a specific time duration.

  1. Restrict Customer Groups by: 2.Restrict products & categories from specific customer groups
    3.Restrict shipping & payment methods from specific customer groups
    4.Multiple Rules for various customer groups 5.Display custom message for specific customer groups

Worked as part of 4 member team that delivered solution for sports fishing equipment manufacturer, features built included creating new user types, several different subscriptions that customer can apply to. Store has integration with 3rd party erp system, dealers location search by customer area.

Part of team that delivered solution to pharmaceuticals producer which feature customized customer accounts, with parent and dependent sub accounts, DEA license number validation for involved facilities.


US Developer Starting now
Initially need help resolving a few bugs around customer groups / downloadables as well as a site audit. Will also need ongoing retainer support.
Conversion Optimization
Business To Business (B2B)
Sage Pay
Customer Groups
Downloadable Products
Site Audit

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