Commerce QB 2 years ago

Migration tool for multi-platforms

Kathmandu LTD 9 months ago

I joined Kathmandu to help them deliver their Magento 2 project lead by James Deane. I helped train their development team on Magento 2 and built their Summit Club functionality, help center and other parts.

Erdem 1 month ago

Magento 2 ecommerce store - Migration from M2 Enterprise Edition to Magento 2 Community Edition. Dotmailer integration. Other frontend features

*for Limesharp agency

Bragard Uniforms 1200 hours 3 years ago

Complete shift from in-office IBM AS/400 ERP to Magento eCommerce, with embedded ERP. All business processes were re-build within Magento to do migration. Today every order is online order, and now there is way to start using all the data collected through the years.

Also Magento allows business to evolve.

Steiner Juwelier 1 year ago

creating e-shop from the scratch, data were migrated from another system (modified), connection to amazon, ebay

Endless Riding shop 1 year ago

full e-shop integration, bi-directional communication with ERP

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