Database diagram of Magento CE 2.1.3:

Adding a custom database connection in Magento2 seems easy at first but doing it properly it is a bit more complicated. Here I will explain how to do it right.

Upgrade Replay 1 year ago

Multi-process Optimized Upgrade Replay from Magento 1.5 (1.10 EE) and lower to 1.6 (1.11 EE) and higher. In order to run optimized replay you need to run original upgrade in database with same structure. Replay script uses pdo_mysql.log to read queries and estimate execution time.

#Real life results:

1.9 EE -> 1.11 EE ==> Original upgrade ~34 hours vs Optimized Replay 4 hours

1.4 CE -> 1.12 EE ==> Original upgrade ~15 hours vs Optimized Replay 2 hours

Created a tool that can be used to regular create sanitised database backups to Amazon S3 and them pull them into development environments easily

Database diagram of a fresh CE installation

-> In Kanban view user set only group by in one field. But now it can be possible on two fields which are developed by me.

ODOO v7 10 months ago

-> In ODOO v7.0 when a user clicks on translation button at that time move on list view of translation that does not work same like V6.1. So removed v7.0 functionality and added new functionality for translation.

ODOO - USER PROGRESS BAR 10 months ago

-> In ERP user set progress bar with one value. But now it can be possible on 2 or 3 values with different color effect and attractive view.

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