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Farm Forestry contacted Verve in 2016 to completely transform, redesign and modernise their website. Their old website was not performing efficiently, it had no individual product pages and was not responsive for all devices. Employees were unable to content manage the website which meant it wasn’t kept up to date. In such a competitive industry, where price wars are common, it was vitally important that they could amend prices quickly and easily.

The project involved building a new online shop, with each product having its own landing page, and being fully responsive in order to improve the experience for current and future customers.

The new Farm Forestry Magento site allows the Client to manage their inventory easily and powerful tools have been provided to improve the customer experience.

We added additional features to the new website to help improve conversion volume such as cross sells, up-sells, recommended purchases, popular lines and seasonal promotions. Powerful back-end tools help improve the productivity of administrational functions such as product listings, creating offers and reviewing orders.

An improved reporting function allows the Client to monitor sales, customer behaviour and product performance. The design and set-up of the eCommerce store includes a multi-store functionality allowing for different store fronts with one central administration.

Once the website was launched site performance increased almost immediately and over a 3 month period (comparing 3 months prior to launch with 3 months post launch) the website has seen an increase in organic website traffic of 422.57% (3,705 sessions vs 709 sessions) and a 218.18% increase in organic website conversions.

Because this is an industry affected by seasons we also measure performance month on month year on year. Comparing March of 2016 with March 2017 Farm Forestry received an uplift in organic website traffic of 383.67% and an increase in Conversion Rate of 59.45%.

I did the design and UX and led the front end architecture and development on this Magento 2 project.

I did the design and UX and led the front end architecture and development on this Magento 1 project.

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Wireless bluetooth earphones, headphones, speakers and accessories from Sweden.

I did the design and UX and led the front end architecture and development on this Magento 2 project. - Home automation 2125 hours 1 week ago

When merchants & developers unite - Supporting Dave’s business since 2015.

Selling stuff online is a difficult job. Even harder when products are hard to choose and even harder to put them together. Dave found his opportunity in difficulty. Soothing the pain of choosing and connecting products for home automation.

Providing information about the product his customers need. Apart from the customer support it is crucial for great customer experience.

Most notable features developed:

  • User Generated Content - Customers provided feedback on what works for them. A sort of community based knowledge base for home automation.

  • Compatibility - Even manufacturers’ do not gurantee stuff will work together. Vesternet support makes the best of it by providing guides about product compatibility.


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