I have been using DigitalOcean for my personal projects. And one repeated things that I had to do is the creation of MySQL database & user. I know I could have used some CPanel like GUIs and even some of them came to my mind like VestaCP, Ajenti, ServerPilot etc. But all comes with sort of things and not so developer friendly.

So I decided to create a simple bash script that can simply the database & use which I have shared in this blog article.

BeauBaba 4 years ago

Website for children's clothing and accessories.

Used Ansible, a server provisioning tool, to develop a playbook which can create Magento 2.3 development servers on DigitalOcean in about 15 minutes. This allowed my client to test an extension on Magento 2.3.

This website was built on Digital Ocean. I modified a Lamp stack droplet to accommodate the php requirements. I was very proud that the host was able to handle 6000 visits in a day without a hitch. The Website built from the ground up with General SEO included. Webmaster tools, Analytics, & Google tag manager.

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