Free Magento Frontend Builder is a Magento base theme which is reviewed and approved at Magento Connect. It's developed based on MGS Frontend Builder and tons of extensions, widgets. Using builder theme will help you easily create and build your own store(s) as you want. With MGS - Frontend Builder Panel, It allows you to build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS page, Shopping cart page... at frontend visually without having to log in the admin back-end. Download at : For Magento 2 :

All Parts Zone is a leading retailer of vechicle parts in London. I successfully delivered the client a custom magento website from conception to completion - managing a team of five experienced programmers, designers and junior developers. The website has several custom developed modules that communicate with TecDoc API, UK HPI for vehicle registration recognition. Other noteworthy modules are customer grouping and pricing, click and collect module for shipping.

CME Car Parts is the largest car parts wholesale and retail group in the UAE. I played a leading role in the project management of the project from start to finish. We successfully switched the client website from Magento to OpenCart. The website has several custom developed modules such as 'price haggling module' that lets customers bid for bulk car part orders and the mangement of CME parts can accept, decline or counter offer prices. Also integrated the client's in house ERP Autoline to seamlessly sync online and offline orders. 1 year ago

Ennovators is a holding company counting today 4 brands focusing on technology to create the most successful and diverse online brand platform based on Magento framework.

My key responsibilities include: • Creating a new department from 0 as the technological part was outsourced to a web agency • Strong leadership and level of responsibility directly reporting to the CEO with an large annual budget o Hosting, CRM, Multichannel Marketing Automation Plateform, Customer Service Software o A/B test / Analytical o IT supports, furniture and software etc. • Management of a large team o Agyle development team o Web designers o IT and system administrator o Data analyst, Business Excellence and reporting, CRO etc. • Planning and prioritization of developments for 11 european markets (Ecommerce team counting 40+ people) focusing on Gross Profilt, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Ccustomer satisfaction. • Implementing a robust development process (both Agile/SCRUM and Kanban methodoly) using tools such as: o Jira / Asana for project Management o Git / Jenkins / PhpUnit for development and continuous integration • Updating an existing platform which was a Magento 1.4 (5 years old) to the latest version 1.9.X.X + redeveloping of all modules using a 3 layered approach (core / module / custom) as well as launching new markets (7 in one year). The idea of this platform is to be reusable as much as possible and share between projects without any additional development required. • Reduce both site loading time and hosting cost by improve the hosting solution (HHVM, Varnish, Sphinx, Redis, NewRelic etc.)

We built and operate this e-commerce business on behalf of the client. We are fully responsible for all aspects of its operation, marketing and promotion.

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