When hired, the website was exceptionally basic, using simple tables for layout, and mostly broken CSS. I was the only Web Developer on the team. Within 6 months, I had programmed the entire website to function with Bootstrap, and be completely responsive. The Mobile Revenue generated, according to Google Analytics, shot up an amazing 7000% after this Responsive Design overhaul, using Bootstrap. After deployment to production, there of course were many tweaks and modifications to be made over time. I was directly employed as the in-house Web Developer for A.M. Leonard from 2010 - 2014. Uses Kalio Commerce CMS.

Magento 2 Cancel Order 6 months ago

Magento 2 Cancel Order by Meetanshi allows customers to cancel their pending order from the storefront. The competition in E-commerce business is all about offering the best customer experience. For Magento 2 stores, Meetanshi's Magento 2 Cancel Order extension helps in improving the shopping experience of the store.

With Magento 2 Cancel Order by Customer extension, let customers cancel their pending orders from "My Account", "My Orders" and order details page in the frontend. The admin is notified via an automated Email about the order cancelation.

The Magento 2 Cancel Order extension also lets customers add comments in the confirmation popup that can be seen from the backend. It gives useful data to the admin for improving the products' features and understanding the customers' mindset!

Benefits of Magento 2 Cancel Order:

• Let customers cancel their pending orders from "My Account", "My Orders" and order details page in the storefront.

• Allow customers to add comments in the confirmation popup that appears while canceling the orders.

• The admin is notified via an automated Email when a customer cancels the order from the storefront.

• Admin can choose the notification Email template, sender, and receiver.

• Option to set custom text for the button label and the notice text in the popup.

• When a customer cancels the order, its status is changed from "Pending" to "Cancel" and the product is restocked.

• Enhanced shopping experience.

• Customer convenience for order cancelation.

Magento 2 Success Page 4 months ago

Magento 2 Success Page by Meetanshi enables a custom success page in the store to boost sales.

Offering a better customer experience even after sales results in customers' satisfaction and boost in customer retention. One of the ways to do so is a custom success page and Meetanshi's Magento 2 Success Page extension helps to do so!

Magento 2 Checkout Sucess Page extension allows admin to display a custom designed thank you page with custom content. With attractive success page, increase the chance of improvement in sales, social media engagement and newsletter subscription.

Magento 2 Success Page extension offers to display related products and CMS blocks that prompts the customers to check them. Also, it allows the customers to review the order details that can't be done in default Magento.

With the feature-rich Magento 2 Thank You Page extension, avail the maximum value out of your customers and benefit the business!

Benefits of Magento 2 Success Page:

  • Control the design and content of the success page from the admin panel.

  • Customers can review the checkout details from the thank you page.

  • Display a personalized thank you page.

  • Display related products and CMS blocks on the thank you page to prompt the customers to check them.

  • Increase social media engagement with customers with the social sharing buttons on the success page.

  • Display a newsletter subscription button on the success page.

  • Enable offers and coupon codes on the thank you page.

  • Enable the logged in customers to print the order and easily reorder.

  • Preview the success page from the admin panel.

  • Display a detailed thank you page for customers' satisfaction.

Magento 2 Limit Quantity for Grouped Products by Meetanshi allows setting quantity limit on the purchase of grouped products for a minimum and maximum value.

Are you a Magento 2 store merchant selling grouped products such as furniture set or computer accessories? If so, obviously you'd want to maximize the profit margin and minimize the cost of packaging and shipping. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Limit Quantity for Grouped Products extension.

The extension allows admin to set a minimum and maximum quantity limit for the purchase of the grouped product. If the conditions set from the backend are not satisfied, custom error messages are displayed in the frontend.

Get Magento 2 Limit Quantity for Grouped Products module and benefit your business by implementing quantity limit for grouped products!

Benefits of Magento 2 Limit Quantity for Grouped Products extension:

  • Restrict the quantity of purchase for the grouped product for a minimum and maximum value.

  • Allows assigning different quantity limit for every grouped product from the admin panel.

  • Display custom error message for the minimum and maximum quantity limit in the frontend when the conditions for quantity are violated.

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Worked with eCommerce Online Website Design and Manage Admin Like Magento, Big commerce, WordPress, Shopify and WooCommerce. • Magento development, customization, design and implementation, functionality upgrade, maintenance, database programming, Magento integration with Word Press, and adaptation for mobile platforms.

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Racedom is a Greece-based automobile accessory provider with a strong reach across the globe. While they were planning to develop an online store, MageDelight developed an eCommerce store by using M2Go solution accompanied with the AutoGo theme. Racedom is now a magnificent online store reaching it's targeted audience & achieving the business goals.

✔️ The IP-detection of users’ location that adjusts the website language and currency according to their country; ✔️ The “Especially for you” module. With that functionality, users can buy clothes tailored to their size for an extra charge that is calculated on the checkout page. They can enter their size data directly on the product page, and there are special size measurement fields for every type of clothes; ✔️ The functionality for purchasing in one click. Users can enter only their email and phone number and the system generates a new order. The system automatically processes the order in the administration panel, the same as a regular one, managing the availability of the item in the stock.
✔️ Created a Sale category where products with a discount are added automatically; The Bonus system functionality. In accordance with the whole sum of completed purchases, users gain discounts on future orders. ✔️ A new delivery method that calculates the final charge according to both the shopping cart sum and the payment method chosen; ✔️ The functionality that lets users play a video by clicking on any Home page banner.

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