MageMail is a SaaS app for Magento. It does triggered email such as abandoned cart, product recommendations, review requests, and more. It was recently acquired - I'm staying on board as a strategic advisor!

More info about the new CEO here:

Cold emailing 2 years ago

Generated leads by cold emailing with results up to 70% open rate, 25% reply rate, 5% meeting book rate.

Leading provider of full figured woman under garments needed a site. Ethode stepped up and created a beautiful product with ERP integration and complex ordering needs.

Build preorder feature 80 hours 4 years ago

Preorder feature with complete cycle and user notification experience

Clover Canyon 4 years ago

Magento 1 re-platform from Wordpress. PPC management and ongoing e-commerce department support

Retainer work / Custom Crons / Custom Email Management. I was involved to do maintenance work of Dilmah/Client Technical Support and did few custom crons running for special LOW STOCK notification system.

A fresh store concept, Squix sells boxes with super-effective cleaning products, on a subscription basis. I led development of a 4-6 man team. We delivered on Magento Enterprise, with a full NetSuite integration, custom product recommendations and a nifty integratoin with an email automation tool.

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