Magento 1 Full Page Cache 55 hours 1 week ago

It was designed to bypass Magento's bootstrapping if cache was saved for the url entered. Many features have been developed including mobile theme detect, a list for each cache entry in admin panel, cronjob for purging the entire entries regularly, compatible with Redis.

MageBoost 3 years ago

Full Page Cache based on Varnish with FULL dynamic data caching. Only your converting visitors will use your resources!

Build Modules for Open Commerce 140 hours 1 month ago

This product was originally owned by Open Commerce which then sold to creative minds after I left the company.

Petsy ecommerce 2 months ago

As former CTO at Petsy our team migrated successfully from Shopify to Magento 1.8, developed too many extensions and customized 3rd party ones. We worked with Conekta, Payback, Todito Pagos, Mercado Pago, Mercado Libre, Linio, Amazon, PayPal obviusly, GTM, G Product Feeds, and with Nexcess as our hosting solution.

Part Catalog 1200 hours 1 month ago

Maintaining client's site and developing new features. 3 months ago

Blake Lively's artisan e-commerce magento store. Now defunct.

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