EcareXpress 4 years ago

EcareXpress is a business specialized in professional and individual equipment for safety, protection, and care. They started in 2009 by selling first aid products and offering reviews for the first aid kits for companies. As a request from their customers, they developed their range of products by also including the selling of safety shoes and clothes, disposables, sprinkler kits etc.

Design and webshop development, these are the services we helped EcareXpress with.


If you are familiar with our portfolio, you may know by now our way of working. Each collaboration starts with a briefing for development, a phase which implies the gathering of data we need, in order to start planning the work. It is followed by a technical research, the creation of the web site’s structure and a proper communication with our client in order to process all the feedback and translate it into the final proposal.


Our designers created the wireframes by keeping in mind the user’s point of entry. They managed to translate the EcareXpress concept into a ready to sell, good-looking website. The design is clean, and it highlights the products sold by the client. The categories are intuitive and easy to find.


A good prior planning ensured an easy development phase. Our team of devs programmed all the custom backend functions and the project took shape when our back-end team programmed the templates. The webshop was tested by both our team and client before being launched.

Magento 2 is perfectly encountering the needs of a webshop. Because it’s very flexible, it’s suitable for both small and large, B2B and B2C businesses.

Fashionteam 4 years ago

Fashionteam is 5 fashion shops in one: Gibsy, Viruss, Rufus, Inconnue and Victory. The target audiences of each brand are slightly different, but all brands share their passion for high-end fashion.

Five brands, one team

Online, the five strong brands unite as Fashionteam. Our design team went for a clean and functional webshop design, consistent with the existing Fashionteam branding and suiting the style of each individual brand.

Omnichannel strategy

Fashionteam’s five brick-and-mortar stores by the sea have each been established names for years. To provide their existing customers with an even better service, the management decided to go omnichannel: the new webshop is not only meant to sell online, but must also stimulate in-store sales.

To fulfil the omnichannel goals, Baldwin developed a handy reservation functionality: Clients can reserve any product online to try it on in-store.

Next to that, each product detail page has a clear measurement table, to help visitors pick the right size online. In the looks section, visitors are inspired to new combinations, just like they would in-store.

Synchronisation with XLent

For the stock management of their brick-and-mortar stores, Fashionteam uses the XLent ERP system. Baldwin developed a custom synchronisation between the impressive product database in XLent and the Magento webshop. The collection of over 6.000 different products has been turned into a clear and user-friendly navigation menu.

Via the Magento back-end interface, the e-commerce manager can decide on any given time which products should be visible in the online store.

E-commerce coaching

The Fashionteam webshop is run by a brand new dedicated e-commerce team. Baldwin was happy to share its experience through extensive e-commerce coaching. Our experts trained the team on SEO, product photography and webshop management.

Weba 4 years ago

Weba has been a respectable name within the Belgian furniture market for the last 30 years. They are headstrong and rebellious within their advertising, which definitely resonates with us at Baldwin. Our collaboration started în 2016, when we created the webshop using Magento1. Almost 9 months later, a new Weba webshop was born, which made it the first big Magento 2 webshop in Belgium.


Prior to the development of the actual webshop, we performed a lot of research. During our first meeting, the marketing team made itself acquainted with Weba’s strengths and the longterm business goals of both Weba and their webshop.

Eventually, the online concept started to take shape: Weba stands for a straight forward approach, which relies on their quality products at sharp prices, a logistically strong organisation, and the recognisability of their mascot Arsène Weba.

The Weba assortment is targeted towards a broad audience: they offer a wide range of furniture styles all at once, in which they don’t focus on one specific lifestyle. The product is put at the centre of attention, both in the physical stores as on the webshop.

Using ‘Personas’ – fictitious model Weba costumers – turend out to be a great way of figuring out the large number of different target audiences and their respective needs.

Up next, our marketers dived straight into the numbers: the briefing was tested with reality, by performing a thorough analysis of the existing webshop data and available numbers of the online furniture market. Step by step, we unraveled the customer journey – the path a customer follows, from first idea to actual purchase. – :

Who buys furniture online?

Which channels do potential customers use to search for these products? Which barriers do they experience while shopping for furniture online? How does your online presence have an influence on the sales of physical multichannel furniture stores? the result of this research: a SWOT-analysis. This gave an overview of Weba’s online risks and opportunities, and would eventually form the foundation for a first wireframe, a blueprint of the primary webshop pages.

The design process


After a couple of wireframe rounds, the structure started to take shape, with a definitive design based off the existing corporate identity of Weba, accompanied by the iconic drawings of cartoon artist Marec. Marec even made a number of unique drawings, just for the new webshop. The presence of Arséne and friends amplify the recognisability of the webshop and makes it stand out from its competitors.


The assortment of Weba has over 8000 products. That being said; designing a user-friendly navigation was a challenge. The number of subcategories and filter possibilities were vastly extended. The user’s needs and wishes were taken into account throughout every step of the purchasing-process.

  • Visitors who know what they are looking for can navigate through the website effortlessly by using the large dropdown menu.
  • By using large window tiles on the product summary pages, visitors who are still hesitant or just curious can easily refine their search and find the product that is right for them.

When checking out a product they are interested in, potential customers will be offered suggested products on the detail page of every product, as well as a summary of every product within that specific furniture set. This way, customers can easily browse through the wide range of products that match their own personal preference and taste.

Responsive design

Naturally, the webshop is mobile friendly. This is important, considering the number of mobile visitors has increased drastically the last couple of years. The mobile webshop shows a compact version of the content, and smaller product photos. This way, the webshop is still accessible on a smaller screen, without taking anything away from the user experience when using a smartphone or tablet.



Weba decided to collaborate with Combell as their hosting partner. On top of having a lot of experience with Magento, they are experts in installing load balanced systems. A load balanced system distributes all digital processes across multiple servers. This way, the webshop is able to handle up to 15 000 visitors per minute. This is absolutely paramount, considering national tv-campaigns often attract a high number of visitors.

Stress testing

Sizing Servers put the true power of the webshop to the test through stress testing: towards the launch of the new webshop, the maximum capacity was tested multiple times and adjusted accordingly by finetuning our scripts and server environments.

Synchronisation of the ERP-system

For a nationally renowned furniture business like Weba, it’s essential for all of the logistic elements between the webshop and physical stores to be synched with one another. For the checkout and warehouse processes, Weba has been using the Asci software for years. With Asci, Baldwin was able to deliver a seamless integration of both systems, which took quit a bit of custom development.

Stock management

When a customer places an order on the webshop, that order is immediately processed with Asci’s software. This stock and order data is synchronised in Asci with Magento multiple times a day. On top of that, the availability of every product is checked, in real-time, in a number of crucial places: the shopping cart, product pages and check-out process.

Doing this allows us to avoid situations where products are bought on the webshop, when these were recently sold out in one of the physical stores. This real-time check of stock was not available in Magento yet, and was therefore custom developed by the Baldwin developers, in cooperation with the Asci team.

Delivery method

The delivery method is determined by the content of the shopping cart. The costs for delivery are calculated in real-time when a customer enters his/her post code. This function was custom developed by Baldwin as well.

The launch

The launch of the new webshop was paired with an ambitious communication plan for both national television and radio, as well as incorporating online channels for the very first time. For Weba, Baldwin presented an online communication plan based on the 3 step stategy: See – Think – Do.


General campaigns through Youtube, Google Display and Facebook aim to raise awareness of the Weba brand with a large target audience.


Recent visitors are reminded of their visit with a personal ad in their Facebook newsfeed or other websites.


With our “Do” campaigns, we reach potential customers who are in the last phase of their purchasing process, when they actively search for Weba in the Google search engine. Search and shopping campaigns strengthen Weba’s online presence and amplify their SEO ranking.

Plan on shopping at Weba in Ghent or Deinze? At Baldwin, we’re just going to go ahead and shop from our couch. And we already know our favorite one: the Baldwin couch!

Ridersville 4 years ago

After 25 years in the fashion business and a few thousand hours spent on horseback, it was time for the founders of Ridersville to merge two passions into one.


Baldwin translated the elegance and quality of their exclusive riders accessories into a stylish webshop, fitting the logo that already existed. To catch the eye of the webshop visitors, our design team opted for a unique homepage with a video.

We integrated Multisafepay to handle the payments and BPost for the delivery of the orders.

Rosette la Vedette 4 years ago

The mission of Rosette la Vedette is to bring colour to dark days. At 34, Wendy was diagnosed breast cancer and lost her hair because of the chemo therapy. As she was too optimistic to wear boring hats with boring colours, her mother made her personalised hats in bright colors.

Wendy decided to make fellow cancer patients happy as well, and launched an entire collection of fashionable hats, called ‘Rosette la Vedette’. With her trendy hats, Wendy wants to break the taboo of hair loss through chemo therapy. With this mission in mind, Baldwin redesigned the existing webshop.

The existing logo was kept, but the rest of the webshop changed drastically. Rosette la Vedette is a story told for and by strong people, therefore, the personal stories of fellow patients received a central spot on the shop’s homepage and on the product detail pages.

Next to the collection, the site also contains informative content on how to deal with hair loss by chemo therapy and style tips to look good, and feel good, despite the hair loss. This content was brought up front in a separate section called ‘chemo therapy and hair loss’.

Barrica Club 5 years ago

Barrica Club was an eCommerce store for the wine community of Argentina that was launched on 2015 and kept alive until the end of 2017.

1st Phase - Mobile App The template was custom-made JQM theme extended and adapted to satisfy project needs. The site automatically detected user device and switch between desktop website and mobile website. Commerce was adapted to provide a custom express checkout using AJAX, which was integrated with MercadoPago SDK (Payment module) and a good deal of custom rules. We have also developed integration of mobile platform with the top mobile carriers in Argentina (Personal and Movistar) to provide validation and exclusive features for subscribed users. We were also responsible for setting up and tuning a cloud server where it is currently installed.

2nd Phase - Website This phase is currently under active development and its purpose is to provide full eCommerce features for the website.

"Matias and his team are organized, responsible and excellent professionals. The outcome of their work is impecable and I recommend them because of their quality and commitment. One of Matias' virtues is that he sees he provides not only a technical perspective but he actively provides suggestions and alternatives from the usability and business standpoint." Matias de la Cruz, Managing Partner at BarricaClub

I was the sole senior developer at My job was to move all development and maintenance in house -from an agency-, and rebuild the site, add improvements, and integrations likes Sage 200, etc. A full front end redevelopment was done on the site also.

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