FME Extensions is up with premium, fully loaded Magento 2 Gift Wrap extension which offers gift packing option on eCommerce stores. Using this extension, you can add as many gift wrap designs as you want to your online store. Add these gift wraps on product pages and checkout pages. With each gift wrap, it's availability status can be shown as well, to let the user know, wither this wrap design is available OR not. If you don't want specific customers to view gift wrap option, you can restrict their access from viewing the gift wrap option using this Magento 2 gift wrap. The best part is that, these gift wraps are customize-able, as you can add name, greeting text and image as well. You can customize the labels of gift wrap fields to clarify its meaning on multiple events like Order Summary, Popup, and Production option. Free lifetime support and upgrades makes this extension worth buying.

Key Features of Magento 2 gift wrap

• Add unlimited appealing gift wrap designs

• Assign products and price to wraps

• Show availability status of each gift wrap

• Create various gift types like, birthdays, weddings etc.

• Limit gift wraps to specific store views

• Customize gift wrap option label

• Display gift wrap price on cart and checkout step

Allow merchants to provide the customer with a complete gifting experience on their e-commerce site. Select gift wrap suitable for any occasion and type products before delivery. You can add unlimited Wrap Designs and classify them also in gift wrap types. This option displays on the Checkout Page as well.

Key Features

Add Attractive Gift Wraps to Your Store

This extension allows you to add a wide collection of gift wraps to your online store. Let your customer Wrap their attractive designs.

Add Price and Assign Products to Wraps

Let your customers effort more easy to assign Products to the gift wrap designs so that you can save their valuable time in searching for wrapping facility separately. Get your charges for the gift wrapping service you offer.

Create Various Types of Gift Wraps You can create different wrap types to facilitate users in selecting a wrap suitable for different occasions e.g. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.

Restrict Gift Wraps to Store Views You can enable the gift wrapping facility to certain store views.

Personalize Gift Wrap Option You can write a custom label for the Gift Wrap option to display. This will help users to easily understand the field.

Displays Gift Wraps on Cart & Checkout Page Display Gift Wrap option on the Cart and Checkout Page to let the customer know they have selected a wrapper as well.

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