Magento 2 Gift Wrap extension allows you to add an extensive collection of gift wraps to your online store. You can assign products to the gift wrap designs so that customers don’t have to search for the wrapping facility separately. you can create various types that serve as gift wrap categories to facilitate users in easily browsing all the designs that match a gift purpose or occasion. Using gift wrap magento 2 you can select your preferred store views and ban the rest of the users from viewing the gift wrap option. You can customize the labels of gift wrap fields to clarify its meaning on multiple events like Order Summary, Popup, and Production option.

Key Features of gift wrap magento 2

• Add unlimited appealing gift wrap designs

• Assign products and price to wraps

• Create various gift types like, birthdays, weddings etc.

• Limit gift wraps to specific store views

• Customize gift wrap option label

• Display gift wrap price on cart and checkout step

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