MEEVO HealthCare GmbH 2 years ago is an online shop for selling medical supplies. MEEVO sells over 100k products. Several products have more than 6000 configurable variants. The infrastructure is built in AWS. Its all autoscaling and high available.

Global Cycle Network 2 years ago

Global Cycle Network is building their new store in a headless fashion using Laravel as a middleware, ReactJS as a frontend and Magento 2 as the backend. My responsibilities were to create API endpoints, help with the routing and data migration from m1 to m2.

Pella Windows 2 years ago

Created a headless Magento site which integrates with their custom CMS solution which allows prospective customers to measure and purchase their own windows and doors.

Shop at Breeze 2 years ago

Magento 2 Full Build and Ongoing Development - Magento Open Source 2.2.7 - Magento is used as a headless vendor portal feeding product data to a third party system.

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