Magento Load Testing 5 years ago

Cost-effective, third party, independent examination of your Magento system from people who know both load testing and Magento. The Wagento Load Testing service provides high availability testing of your Magento site without having to have third party tools. We take care of everything.

Working on backend side development: export orders data, performance optimization (30K+ online customers), AWS configuration, payment providers, subscriptions. Rewards: Best Magento Store in Germany 2017 (2nd place), Best Magento Store in Performance nomination.

Theme redevelopment, performance optimization, High availability and high performing AWS architecture implementation.

Extensive performance optimisation for a webshop which has over 1M visits/month. Optimisations done in front-end, back-end and architecture.

Kids Shoes Leader in Spain.

• Presence in 5 countries (ES, PT, FR, UK & IT). • Magento Development. (multi-store, multi-language, multi- currency). • Custom Integrations (+300 custom developments) • Hosting in the Private Cloud of ECOMMBITS + Performance

• Magento Development. • Hosting in the Private Cloud of ECOMMBITS + Performance Magento

• Presence in Spain, UK, France, Rest of Europe and USA. • Magento Development. (multi-store, multi-language, multicurrency). • Performance Magento • ERP custom integrations and Warehouses in Europe and USA


New! Magento Scaling Expert Contract Hourly Private
Anywhere Starting now 56% Response Rate
Tracking down bottlenecks in quote table under very high concurrency/load for a flash sale site for Black Friday
High Traffic
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Magento 1
New! Magento 2 Architect Contract Hourly Private
Canceled Anywhere Starting now 56% Response Rate
Large retail business in South Africa is looking for assistance with their Magento 2 project - need audit of existing code as well as performance optimization and more.
Magento 2
High Traffic
Magento Audit

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