Frontend and Backend development, created all HTML+CSS from PSD.

This is a Magento Multistore for a Frozen Foods company franchise, where each franchisee has a view of the same Magento admin, but only with information for its store. It was created an advanced permission system on admin, so the store owner can set the view for each franchisee and assign admin users to each store view.

The frontend works all with AJAX calls, so you can browse all products and categories directly on homepage, and form the homepage go to checkout. It’s useful since the customer only needs to buy a meal in a quick way.

UPDATE: Looks like client removed the site. This is a project from 2015 when I worked for a company in Brazil, once I left the company I had no more contact with the project. :/

Charlotte Tilbury 2 years ago

Lead frontend developer responsible for the desktop website rebuild. Built from the ground up as a single theme to support seven international stores. It is speed optimised and supports all the latest browsers including IE9+

Better Bathrooms 2 years ago

Carried out support and development across the Better Bathrooms mobile, and desktop themes. Implemented dynamic checkout journeys, and built stand-alone applications with Google API’s.

Dawsons 2 years ago

Carried out support and development across the responsive Dawsons theme. Implemented adaptive mobile, and desktop navigation. Built and integrated bespoke jQuery plugins.

Silentnight 3 years ago

Carried out support and development across the Silentnight brand, including Pocket Spring Beds and Sealy. Implemented the responsive mobile navigation, and developed a bespoke finance application.

Naylors 4 years ago

Carried out support and development across Naylors Equestrian. Developed and implemented the bespoke responsive mobile navigation.

Shoes International 3 years ago

Collaborated on the development of the responsive theme. Developed a bespoke Magento products module, and carried out support tasks.

Doorsan 2 years ago

Carried out day-to-day support tasks, including bug fixes and development of new features. Added key third party integrations, and installed Magento modules.

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