Magento2 Hyperlocal Marketplace add-on is a very unique module which provides a functionality in which whenever a customer visits the marketplace website then a pop-up will be displayed where the customer need to select the location, so that this plugin will filter the whole shopping cart and all the nearby products and sellers will be displayed to the customer.

This will result in speedy deliveries and it will also build trust among the customer because the order will be placed to the near by seller and it is very useful to build localization in your marketplace.

Sellers and admin can add their location according to which their products are displayed to the customer. The seller and admin can also add shipping rate according to the location range.

Magento2 Marketplace Hyperlocal System module is an add-on of Magento2 Marketplace module, you need to install Webkul's Magento2 Marketplace first to use this module.

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