Magento Footer JS 2 months ago

Magento extension to move all JavaScript to the end of the page

Customized Amasty's part finder extension so as to create an ajax based widget on the product pages on the front-end. With the custom popup holding the widget and using ajax to fetch the contents of the subsequent finder and then eventually the product listing based on the finder values selected.

The client wanted a set of galleries - Before/After, Testimonials, Cabinet Gallery. I was responsible for creating the functionality in Magento admin to allow them to setup these 3 different kinds of galleries with the option of choosing a thumbnail image along with the ability to upload a set of images and assigning a sort order to each of the images uploaded. Another, very important feature of the galleries is the search engine optimized URLs.

B2B E-Commerce application for the B2B server and high performance computing company transtec AG. The main challenges were the configuration process of servers consisting of multiple components with special resource provision and consumption per component and the direct integration with the internal ERP system to provide special conditions to the customers.

Frontools 1 month ago

Set of front-end tools for Magento 2 based on Gulp.js

Replaces the core "recently viewed functionality" with a js implementation. Leverages localstorage (or sessionstorage if localstorage is not available). Is configurable per scopelevel.

This extension was intended to remove the necessity of a call to the server for each product page when using varnish. This avoids unnecessary hole punches.

Re-Platforming from X-Cart Installation. Catalog conversion, Consulting on layered navigation and use of attributes and categories. Developed custom theme to client specifications. Custom Module development to integrate with existing workflows.


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We are looking for a reliable magento expert who is experienced in complex projects which include knowledge of backend and frontend equaly.
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Muscle & Strength is seeking a highly skilled remote Frontend Engineer to help Muscle & Strength improve their User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) and frontend development workflow.
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Muscle & Strength is seeking a highly skilled remote Full-Stack engineer to help Muscle & Strength grow their Magento based e-commerce platform.
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