We developed an unique p2p marketplace solution for local food experience. People who visit a new place can get local food experience by visiting authentic places. Solution allows to browse all hosts, specify dates and make online reservations with payments.

We have developed a platform that enables customers to buy/ sell precious metals, bullions and rare coins online – Oxbridge House. The website is built on Magento e-commerce platform and equipped with a number of custom features to meet industry requirements.

Oxbridgecoins is an unique platform developed by our team that allows to provate persons and companies to buy and sell gold coins, gold bars and oxbridge coins online securely.

The Quilting Company 5 months ago

Another system integration I was apart of... same ecommerce team stood this site up as and I specifically wrote some jQuery to report in analytics to Adobe DTM and migrated previous internal code from Ultimo to Porto Theme.

o Theme customization, Fixing the bugs, integration with Open Bravo ERP

o Developing the functionality based on the requirement.(Project development was from scratch)

o Products, categories and customers import o Custom modules creation, Custom Shipping method creation

o Customize the Magento SOAP API's SalesOrder method to get the Paypal payment, stripe payment details and to get the individual associated products details of a ordered bundled product..

o Improved the site performance

DIX Metals Inc 7 months ago

Lead Developer and Data Management

This is whole project is based on heavy customization.if we say that we used magento as a framework for this project. As we used simple product as virtual product to generate our required output for the place order.

Re-Platforming from X-Cart Installation. Catalog conversion, Consulting on layered navigation and use of attributes and categories. Developed custom theme to client specifications. Custom Module development to integrate with existing workflows.


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