Offroad Power Products 6 months ago

Built entire frontend structure with a custom Magento 2.2 theme extending the blank theme. Added bootstrap and custom jQuery functions. Built front end of a custom year make, model module. Customized layered navigation.

Aztec Candle Making 6 months ago

Rebranded, design and built frontend on custom Magento 2 theme.

Charlotte Tilbury 2 years ago

Lead frontend developer responsible for the desktop website rebuild. Built from the ground up as a single theme to support seven international stores. It is speed optimised and supports all the latest browsers including IE9+

Better Bathrooms 2 years ago

Carried out support and development across the Better Bathrooms mobile, and desktop themes. Implemented dynamic checkout journeys, and built stand-alone applications with Google API’s.

Dawsons 2 years ago

Carried out support and development across the responsive Dawsons theme. Implemented adaptive mobile, and desktop navigation. Built and integrated bespoke jQuery plugins.

Silentnight 3 years ago

Carried out support and development across the Silentnight brand, including Pocket Spring Beds and Sealy. Implemented the responsive mobile navigation, and developed a bespoke finance application.

Naylors 4 years ago

Carried out support and development across Naylors Equestrian. Developed and implemented the bespoke responsive mobile navigation.

Shoes International 3 years ago

Collaborated on the development of the responsive theme. Developed a bespoke Magento products module, and carried out support tasks.


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