Data normalizer 6 months ago

A market research company needed a tool to upload and normalize survey data collected from various sources. They also wanted to be able to generate flat reports to import into their data analysis software. I wrote this with Laravel.

BuyETE Catalog Site 1 year ago

B2B Catalog website for a transmission remanufacturing company in Wisconsin.

This site uses an API driven approach. We developed an API/Index website that dynamically populates Customers, Products, and Categories via the Magento Rest API. The API utilizes ElasticSearch to index our fitment data and VIN database, as well as MSSQL (which houses an extensive Vehicle database)

Magento uses our API website for all of it's search functionality.

Search options include:

  • VIN Decoder and Part Search
  • Application Search with Year/Make/Model/Engine/DriveType cascading dropdowns
  • "Magic Search" that lets users lookup by Part Number, Interchange Part Numbers, and Hollander Interchange Part Numbers.

We also allow customers to track their online/offline order history via another API site we built on Laravel. We built in an API integration with our shipping logistics provider for:

  • Rate Lookups
  • Shipment Tracking Info
  • Ship Time Estimates

They offer only the best, highest quality, premium brand art from artists, designers, and photographers passionate about the brands that they are immortalizing. There unique online art community then allows them to deliver these distinctive, affordable and spectacular pieces directly to you, printed across a variety of high quality finishes. 1 year ago

I am one of the senior developers for this project. is a webshop for self care (medial) products. Also there are 500+ pharmacy websites connected to this webshop. 1 year ago

I am working on a personal website.

SIWECOS 5 months ago

SIWECOS stands for "Secure Websites and Content Management Systems" and helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify and eliminate security gaps on their websites.

On the one hand, the focus is on concrete recommendations for action in the event of damage, on the other hand, there is also a strong focus on raising the awareness of SMEs in the field of cyber security. A vulnerability scanner regularly checks the server systems of the medium-sized company for known vulnerabilities or the web applications installed on them for security holes; all tools were developed under the premise secure by design.

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