Projects 1 year ago


  1. Audit, analysis and decision to build project from scratch
  2. Import 1.5 million products and update 50,000 products daily.
  3. A lot of optimization and new URL rewrite
  4. Maintenance and adding new features

Worked for Magento Inc. for 4 years developing Magento Enterprise and Community

CNHA 1 year ago

Lead Developer on the maintenance of the ecommerce site CNHA. We made some modifications to the membership module they purchased to a third party, a lot of bug fixing and a couple of design changes on the site. They also required a complex order management feature that we successfully made.

TurboTechnicians 1 year ago

Worked as Lead Developer on the maintenance project The client asked for several changes according to special sales rules, design changes and bug fixing.

HogueInc 1 year ago

Lead Developer on the maintenance project of I've been working as lead developer and as a project manager, since I've been involved in weekly client meetings. I've been also in charge of doing the ticket breakdown and to specify the sprints on the project.

I have built out a multi-store Magento1 instance and migrated to a high-availability hosting environment to ensure high up-time and quick load times for our visitors, increasing conversion percentages. I currently maintain this instance and add/modify any functionality needed on a regular basis.

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