iS Clinical 1 year ago

Performed entire platform audit. Upgraded Magento to the latest version. Architected and developed RMA functionality, dealers order form, dealers locator. Drastically optimized performance issues. Installed, configured and integrated SOLR Search with Magento platform. Moved entire platform from ZeroLag hosting provider to Amazon Web Services. 1 year ago

Upgraded Magento from PE to latest CE. Architected, assisted and worked on integrations such as: Solr, Yelp Checkout, Stripe, Marketo,, Google products,, MAS, Floral POS, FTD Mercury etc. Migrated from Balanced Payments to Stripe Payment Gateway. Assisted in implementing Full Page Cache functionality. Worked on platform stabilization project. Completed drastic performance upgrade project on Magento CE 1.x which impacted company revenue and allowed vendors scaling. Worked on performance related reimplementation projects and DB optimizations (Solr as cache layer, data indexation, data denormalization, DB replication, queuing etc.). Initiated, configured, maintained AWS based web/redis/nfs/solr cloud. Architected various Magento custom modules. Maintained Bloomnation backend ecosystem and infrastructure. Participated in setting up CD and CI on QA, Stage and Prod environments. Started switching over to Magento 2.x and PHP 7.x. Created and Completed 100+ wiki pages of internal documentation, guidelines. Introduced Codding Standards, Workflow guides, Release guides.

Worked for Magento Inc. for 4 years developing Magento Enterprise and Community 1 year ago


  1. Audit, analysis and decision to build project from scratch
  2. Import 1.5 million products and update 50,000 products daily.
  3. A lot of optimization and new URL rewrite
  4. Maintenance and adding new features

Combination of Drupal 7 and Magento 1 CE.

Custom imports from old systems, multi-warehousing, order exports.

Pierre Marcolini 3 years ago

Complete redesign of Magento webshop, responsive implementation, various backend customisations.

CNHA 10 months ago

Lead Developer on the maintenance of the ecommerce site CNHA. We made some modifications to the membership module they purchased to a third party, a lot of bug fixing and a couple of design changes on the site. They also required a complex order management feature that we successfully made.

TurboTechnicians 10 months ago

Worked as Lead Developer on the maintenance project The client asked for several changes according to special sales rules, design changes and bug fixing.

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