This is a Magento 1 Project

  • Panini used to have 2 stores: Panini Authentic and Panini America. It was requested to merge the both stores into a single one, preserving and synchronizing all data. An extension was created to consume the webservice from one store to the other. All data: orders, customers, products, promotion rules, product attributes, and some 3rd party extension data were imported and synchronized between the two stores into the single one online today.

A customer front end for buying insurances and managing your insurances (account). This was a Magento 1 Enterprise webshop which served as a front end for a multitude of backend systems: the insurance rule engine, a MongoDB for file exchange, email systems, social login and profiles, customer/ecommerce tracking, and more. The insurance rule engine was the portal to another multitude of insurance back end systems (customer data, damage claims/reports, fraud protection, data checks and more).

The communication was set up using XML over raw TCP and the data was described using the Dutch insurance industry XML standard. We had chosen to build multiple layers into the communication stream for managing the connection, sending and receiving the data, validating the data and handling errors and most importantly a conversion from the Dutch XML into Magento/OOP based models to provide a flexible backend to the frontend because of the constant changes in the structure of the XML and changes in this agile project that has been running for a few years.

Magento Layered Navigation is designed to allow you to customize the layered navigation filter for category page and catalog search page of your website. Get more details:

Customer wanted coupons with custom fields like thank you messages. Also needed it to integrate with their obscure backend accounting system and inventory management.

Overrode the existing login using a custom login module that interfaces with a clients external oAuth system to allow SSO throughout all their web properties, including the Magento site. Once the oAuth token was authenticated, the customer is either logged in (if they have an account) or a customer account is created for them.

In this project I have been developing a series of extensions and system integrations for conversions optimizations. Example of work performed:

  • Integrated ApplePay
  • Integrate complex third party warehouse system to manage inventory and order management
  • Developed experiments to optimize sales
  • Implemented UI/UX changes to improve usability

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