I worked with Brewquet as their UI Designer and Front End Developer, ensuring that their site served as a proper introduction of their brand. It also needed to provide potential customers with an intuitive shopping experience.

The goal was to create a site that was user friendly and brand focused. To accomplish this, I developed a design based on the principles of other companies in the gift delivery sector with strong online presences. However, it was also important that the site maintained an aesthetic consistent with Brewquet’s vision and stood out above the rest.

I took a strategic approach to prepare for the design and development. This included personas, user flow diagrams, wireframes and more.

Obey’s website was in need of a major overhaul and modernization. It was slow, unintuitive, and was living on an outdated platform. As their UI Designer and Front End Developer, I needed to rebuild their site in a more modern environment, maintaining and improving their existing design elements and improving the UI.

I focused my initial research on their competitors to identify functionality that customers expected from more modern fashion forward sites.

I worked with Amuse as their UI Designer and Front End Developer. The goal was to create a site that was modern, intuitive and set Amuse apart from their competitors.

The process was highly collaborative, as Amuse had a well-defined aesthetic and overarching vision for the brand, but needed my guidance and expertise to build a site that captured all of these elements while also adhering to best practices set by the market as a whole.

Themes make websites beautiful – and beautiful themes are the bridge between the science of code and the art of design. While Magento markup isn’t the prettiest out of the box, it’s very flexible in how you alter it. A good theme will show off all the best aspects a website, while maintaining all the speed and flexibility that Magento brings to the table. Sanuk provided their theme through PSDs and I translated it into a Magento 1.9 theme.

Performances tax quotations based on billing address. Makes 2 calls, tax quotation for cart based transactions, and once the order ships a final tax invoice. API's are sent to a Mule service infront of Vertex.

Integration for custom credit card and paypal mule based payment system. 2 new payment methods for Radial Credit Card and Paypal setup.

Footmaster Casters 1 month ago

Primary development and long-term maintenance on Footmaster Casters site.

A fork of Magento that is accepting bug fixes.

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