With Magento 2 Call for Price extension, you can keep the product prices out of the sight to increase user interaction. It sets you free to use ‘Call for Price’ instead of mentioning price, just to build interest and curiosity. Also, you can hide the buttons like, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Add to Wish List’, ‘Add to Compare’ and use the customized text in replacement. You can set up conditions with every rule you create to control the price display on store view or catalog. It enables you to utilize an Ajax-powered ‘Get a Quote' popup form to amass user data and offer them special pricing. Or, you can enter an alternative URL to redirect your potential buyers to a page that displays more captivating deals and discount offers. It empowers you to exclude some of your products and customers from price-hide rules.

Key Features

• Free lifetime support and upgrades

• You can restrict multiple store views to view the product price

• Add custom text as a replacement of price tag, add to cart, add to wish-list etc

• Gather valuable data about customers through ‘Get a quote’ form to offer enticing deals and discounts.

• You can allow specific customers and store views to avoid hide price rules

• You can setup google reCaptcha, auto reply email and admin email notification settings

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MageAnts Introduce Magento 2 Call For Price Extension. Perfect for the store owners who wants to hide the price and add to cart button for the specific products. Download it with 90 Days FREE Support.

Magento 2 Call for Price by Meetanshi enables hiding the product price and replacing the "Add to Cart" with "Call for Price" button to encourage users to contact for the price details.

Many online business offer products that do not have a fixed price. It may fluctuate with time or differ based on the product personalization. Also, the store may want to decide the price based on the quantity of the order, customer group, service required, etc. Such products can't be displayed on the store frontend with a fixed price. Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Call for Price extension that offers a feature to hide the product price and replace "Add to Cart" button with the "Call for Price" button in the Magento 2 stores.

The Magento 2 Call for Price extension allows admin to interact with potential buyers as the price is not displayed and they are encouraged to communicate for the price details. It gives a chance of negotiation and hence grab the best deal possible!

Enable a "Get a Quote" responsive popup instead of price details. It allows customers to request for a quote after filling the required details which can be used to understand their requirements, improve product features and improve the marketing efforts.

Encourage customer engagement and more conversions with fewer cart abandonment using the Magento 2 Call for Price product.

Benefits of Magento 2 Call for Price extension:

  • Communicate directly with potential buyers.

  • Hide product price on the product page, category page, and the home page.

  • Hide the prices for all or specific products and categories.

  • Display a custom message instead of the product price.

  • Enable a call for price pop up form with the custom message and request to fill the necessary details.

  • No spam emails in the popup form due to Google reCAPTCHA.

  • Facilitates a backend grid with details like name, email ID, contact details, products they are interested in and their message for easy management of customers inquiry.

  • Quick reply to customers when they request for quote.

  • Supports multi-store and multi-language.

  • Disable product price display based on the store views and customer groups.

  • Supports all the default product types in Magento.

  • Display admin's email id to customers to request a call for the price.

  • Admin gets an email with the product name as its subject to notify him of the customers' interest of products.

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