ElectricViolinShop 9 months ago

I worked as a Lead Magento Developer in this project from the begining. They decided to migrate his old Magento 1.9 project to a brand new Magento 2 platform. We made the whole migration, re design and launched the site to the production server.

TheLifeGuardStore 9 months ago

Worked as Technical Leader and then as Lead Developer on TheLifeguardStore website. The site is a Magento Enterprise (Magento Commerce) and counts with 3 different stores, each one with its particular functionality and customizations. I've been in charge of performance improvements on the site, by monitoring it using New Relic, and as main tools.

SmithCorona 9 months ago

Worked as Lead Developer on the maintenance of We've been in charge of doing a complete refactoring of changes on the Magento Core, by moving the logic to extensions and making everything modular. We also made a bunch of fixes on bad practices implemented on the theme code. Hubspot integration, among other functionalities.

Planetasport 1 year ago

I provided Planetasport with many custom extensions such as custom payment gateway (redirect) for Serbian IntesayPay. Many API endpoints for ERP synchronizations, store locator, custom sliders and more ...

Selsiuz 10 months ago

Dutch company selling their own brand hot water taps

My personal on-going development project. It will fully bootstrap a Magento 2.x development environment locally using Docker of Mac or Docker for Windows. Leverages several public containers and a few custom ones.

Scottish Rite 7 months ago

Magento 2.0 full build focused on ease of use and checkout

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