With Magento Checkout Attributes extension, you can create and customize additional fields to intake more valuable information from your customers while they place an order. Magento Checkout Attributes extension offers 8 different field types to help you easily intake a specific form of information from your potential customers. Magento Checkout Attributes extension allows you to setup input validation for the fields you create to ensure the users enter correct form of information. Customers can get to know about the options they have opted in email invoices and PDF documents. Select store views and custom groups to restrict the display of additional fields to specific users of your online store using Magento 2 order attributes. Provide tooltip information to elaborate the purpose of a custom attribute when a user position mouse arrow on it.

Key Features

• You can add custom fields to checkout pages

• Free lifetime support and upgrades

• You can control the display of each checkout attribute as per your marketing and outreach policy

• Types of custom checkout fields are:

        -  Text Field

        -  Text Area

        -  Date

        -  Yes/No

        -  Multi-Select

        -  Drop down

        -  Radio Button

        -  Checkbox

• Types of order input fields include:

        -  Decimal number

        -  Integer

        -  Email

        -  URL

        -  Letters – Alphabets

        -  Alphanumeric - Letters (a-z, A-Z) or Numbers (0-9)

Do you want to customize your Magento 2 checkout page by adding extra fields? Do you want to collect extra details from customers at the checkout page to understand their needs? Do you want to make your marketing strategies in line with the customer's feedback? If yes, Magento 2 custom checkout fields extension from FME is the ultimate solution.

With Magento 2 custom checkout fields extension, you can create as many fields as you want to display on the checkout page of your online store. You can choose any field type like text field, text area, date, etc. and configure its data validation as well to prevent users from entering wrong information. Enable the display of additional fields in invoice emails and PDF using Magento 2 custom checkout fields & order attributes extension. The customers can view custom fields in invoicing either they receive in email or download as a PDF document. You can enable the fields on any specific step of the checkout page like billing, shipping, and payment or review step. Magento 2 order attributes allow you to display the attribute to a specific checkout step and add a tooltip. Most amazingly it offers free lifetime upgrades and support.

Key Features

  • Select from 10 types of fields

  • You can sort additional checkout attributes

  • Display custom fields in emails and PDFs

  • Compatible with one & multi-step checkout

  • Display the field (s) when a specific product is added to cart

  • You can choose to show fields on a specific checkout step

  • Restrict fields to store views and customer groups

  • With additional checkout attributes, customers can document their requirements right on the checkout page

  • Types of custom checkout fields are:

  1. Text Field
  2. Text Area
  3. Text editor
  4. Date
  5. Yes/No
  6. Multi-Select
  7. Drop down
  8. Radio Button
  9. Checkbox
  10. Message display
  • Types of input data validation include:
  1. Decimal number
  2. Integer
  3. Email
  4. URL
  5. Letters – Alphabets
  6. Alphanumeric - Letters (a-z, A-Z) or Numbers (0-9)

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