I originally developed this website in 2009 on Magento 1.0 just a few months after the first ever release of Magento by Roy Ruben (Varian, Inc.)

It has been online continuously since 2009 and I have performed multiple upgrades and theme changes over the years, and have recently migrated it from Magento CE to Magento Open Source 2.3.0 the latest Magento version which was released November 2018. 3 years ago

Online Ecommerce website developed in magento 2

Used Ansible, a server provisioning tool, to develop a playbook which can create Magento 2.3 development servers on DigitalOcean in about 15 minutes. This allowed my client to test an extension on Magento 2.3.

This may seems trivial, however the update from 2.2 to 2.3 isn't with over 30 modules from 10 different vendors added into the mix. Many vendors modules required updates and some had no idea their module would break on the new version as they had not tested yet. I provided feedback to module vendors and created patches to make due until the vendors were able to push new code which worked on the latest version.

Migrate website data and extension from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2. Keep original workflow and module logic

Thriftify is the platform creating a movement of positive purchasing by connecting charity shops with consumers who care. I had been the technical lead and developer in this project. I developed numerous features in this. The biggest of them were splitting single order to multiple orders based upon the products coming from different retailers. Moreover created complete marketplace feature as well where retailers could scan items and add them from their portal. I also added integration of Scurri (courier services), Stripe and Amazon for pulling MSRP for the scanned products from retailer end.

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