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By default Magento lets us set the minimum quantity allowed in the shopping cart for individual items but this extension lets you set a minimum quantity for the whole order.

This guide will provide you with the essential knowledge required to set up a simple ecommerce store with Magento 2. It will look specifically at the configuration via the Magento 2 administration panel, while the required technical knowledge to setup a Magento 2 instance is covered in detail in other guides in the series. As this guide will only look at the essentials required to get a transactional Magento 2 store up and running, we will follow up with a series of additional guides on the more advanced admin features of Magento 2.

This extension blocks access to the Magento store front and will allow access only from specified IP addresses. The store admin side is unaffected. There is an experimental option to only allow access to the store front if the user is currently logged in to the admin side.

Any cached page finishes loading less than 20ms on average when without network latency. It was designed to bypass Magento's bootstrapping if cache was saved for the url entered. Many features have been developed including mobile theme detect, a list for each cache entry in admin panel, cronjob for purging the entire entries regularly, compatible with Redis. real example site :

Created custom sales reports utilizing Magento best practices powered by Magento's admin

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Magento 1.9.3.x site that sells innovative tools for filmmakers

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