Built a Vaping Marketplace site with omni channel infrastructure (Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Custom Cart Shipping methods and rates, Backend Shipping platform integration, Inventory Management System)

Supported as a consultant the initial selection, implementation, rollout of the Magento 2 Cloud sites of 50five. including integration with Bronto, Odoo, Channable, Fulfilment and Adyen

Ruroc Website 3 years ago

Magento 2 Commerce website running on Magento Cloud, with data migration from previous PrestaShop website.

Magento cloud project 6 years ago

Pharmaceuticals company direct sale shop, one of first ever magento enterprise cloud projects implemented. Small catalog of products, but heavy on customer entities customization in order to allow hierarchy and management of facilities (hospitals etc.) and practitioners that make orders of available products.

Magento cloud project, fundraising platform built upon magento, introduced number of different tier users (participants, organizations, sellers etc). Campaigns implementation for raising money, registration procedures, customer contacts list + invitation feature, and much more :)

Iusa 4 years ago

Huge hardware store retail in Mexico needed an ecommerce in Magento Cloud.

Tribal Sportswear 3 years ago

Team lead for a team comprised of:

3 developers 1 project manager 1 qa 1 designer

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