Full path categories product breadcrumb for Magento 2 was created to include breadcrumbs with product categories in product view page, when product is acccesed from product url.

You can also define the "bad categories" you do not want to display in product breadcrumbs.

This company was looking to go through 3 separate redesigns of different segments after launching a separate eCommerce site to sell all their products. After discovery and strategy the recommendation was made to combine all 4 sites into 1 overarching website that would house all marketing content and eCommerce functionality. New technology solutions and upgrades were implemented along the way.

This company was going through a site redesign (UI/UX, new platform and integrations) and wanted to create a site ground up for specific to some of their international business. This site ended up going through local translation before launch.

This is a usefull extension for Magento 2, which generates shipping documents for Urgent Cargus, directly from the Magento backend. On the shipping page is a button called "Generare AWB Urgent", which redirects to a page that contains the customer data, prices, insurance and other shipping customizations.

This extension allows to add unliminted number of customisable fields for customer, order and address in Magento 2. After install, the extesion will add in backend an option called Manage Customer Attribute Fields, which allows to add any type of input fields, and many options for them (validation, default value, sort order, show on admin etc)

Magazia lu' costica 3 months ago

An online tools shop created with Magento 2:

  • migrated from Magento 1
  • custom import/exports
  • upgrading to lastest Magento version
  • performance optimizations

This is a magento 2 based eCommerce website , we are also building multi-store functionality for website as well.

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