Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, my role included the requirements gathering and documentation, solution architecture and overseeing the execution/development

Reviwell shop 4 years ago

migration from old Magento to latest version, extended storeviews to 4 countries, 2 languages

Shanti Cosmetics 4 years ago

migration from old Magento 1 to latest version, redesign of custom template

Blippo Kawaii shop 4 years ago

migration from old Magento 1 to latest version, redesign to new template, multi-language, multi-currency 4 years ago

Custom backend development and integrations

A1Supplements 3 years ago

A1Supplements is the largest US based private wholesaler of supplements online. They have been in business for more than 18 years and have grown to accommodate the world market as the wholesale leader in sports nutrition and nutritional supplements.

Maintenance of Magento EE platform and development of new features such as custom grouped product page options, various third party integrations.

Technical lead in development and migration of new Magento OS 2.2 from Magento EE with all custom features and integrations.

Ongoing support and new features development.

Client approached us to help them choose between sticking with Magento 1 Enterprise or going back to CE until they feel ready to proceed to Magento 2. We were able to help them migrate to CE with nearly zero glitches and save them over $30k in licensing fees. Even with our time to make the migration, their costs were significantly less than what it would have cost to stay on Magento 1 Enterprise. Now we are assessing the next steps for when it is time to go to Magento 2, while also streamlining some of the behind the scenes processes of fulfillment and integration with Quickbooks and Webgility

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